First Summative

Summative Assignment: Aurore

Aurore Gagnon was a young girl who died on February 12, 1920, under suspicious circumstances. … Her mother died in 1918 and her father, Télesphore Gagnon, a farmer and logger … remarried immediately afterwards. Aurore died two years later, at the age of ten. The coroner’s inquest revealed that she had succumbed to blood poisoning and general exhaustion, the result of the great number of untreated wounds which covered her body. What really happened to Aurore Gagnon? Who was responsible for the mistreatment and abuse that she had clearly suffered? How did this rural family become such a dangerous milieu for this young girl?

Find the following documents in the attachments section below (or click on the links):

  1. Post Viewing Worksheets
  2. Article: “Interesting Times for Quebec Families”
  3. Article: “Abused Children Failed by Public Institutions”
  4. Children’s Aid Society Webquest Worksheets
  5. Case Study – Aurore Gagnon – Preparation Tasks #1-3
  6. Final Summative Task – Aurore Gagnon – Task 4

Aurore, The movie (English subtitles) on Youtube:


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Final Steps for HSP3M – Aurore Summative

The Summative Final Written Response/Report will be completed IN CLASS (check the date on the class calendar). You must be present. If you are away, you must bring a doctor’s note or another official note explaining your absence.

  1. Complete all summative tasks (1 to 3) by the due date (check the date on the class calendar). Print all your work and keep it in your summative folder. You can download this document here
  2. Complete the summative outline sheet during Task 3 day class (check the calendar). You can only use one side of this paper and you must complete it in point form.
  3. Carefully read Task #4 (in class written response/report) and the evaluation rubric.
  4. On Task 3 day (check the calendar) at the end of class you must hand in your summative folder to the teacher. You will not be permitted to add anything to your folder after this point. Your folder will be checked over by your teacher. You cannot write your essay in advance – if you attempt this, it will be taken.
  5. On Task 4 day (check the calendar), your folder will be returned to you and you will begin writing the in-class summative written response/report. You will have the 75 minute period to complete this final task.
  6. When you are finished with your report, hand it in with your outline, rubric and your folder with all your preparatory work.

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